Mobile Makeup and Spray Tans!

Laura and her team come to you for long-lasting bridal makeup in VA, NYC, DC and Destinations. Mobile spray tans and photo/special event makeup service in Hampton Roads area.
  • "Laura is the obsolute best! She is my fairy godmother" -Emily


Finding a Flaw Mentor

  I am asked by my clients to disguise their flaws daily and it has inspired me to add a new category to my blog called “Flaw Mentors”. Women constantly pick apart their photographs and obsess about a flaw even though most people have slight facial abnormalities. A photograph is not a true representation of how one […]

Blow Out Bar NYC, Professional Makeup Artist to Freshen Your Style

Blow Out Bar NYC, Professional Makeup Artist to Freshen Your Style.


The Bachelorette’s Shawn and Nick – Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds

I love me some Bachelorette watchin’ and Kaitlyn Bristowe is my all time favorite Bachelorette. Here’s my top 4 reasons: She hails from a small town in Canada. (I’m from one in Alaska) She tells a wicked dirty joke, without missing a beat. I love her teeth.  In some weird way she resembles my 8 […]


Makeup for Two Brides in NYC!

I love a lesbian wedding, because I get not one but two brides to beautify! This fall Theresa and Chelsea came to NYC from New Zealand for a Dr. Who inspired wedding.  I fell in love with the couple as well as their entire bridal party.  I love when people are authentic and do exactly what […]

Bridal Must Reads!

  • squinch 2

    Look Better in Photos!

    Being beautiful is not the same as being photogenic.  You may be both (lucky sods!) But they are not mutually exclusive. However,  you can become more photogenic with a few tricks and a little practice. Here are my favorite tips to looking better in any photo: DO add tension in your eyes (“squinching” or “smizing”) DO […]

  • Laura_applyinglip

    Wedding Day Dos

      As a makeup artist I have witnessed over 250 brides “getting ready” for their wedding, needless to say I have picked up a few pointers! Wedding Day Dos: Set the Mood Don’t forget music.  You’d be surprised by how many nice hotels only have a crappy clock radio, so check ahead of time.  Music […]

  • esther_lookingup

    Bridal Trial Dos

    A bridal makeup trial is a must if you are hiring a pro makeup artist for your wedding day.  Don’t risk being stressed out and unhappy by foregoing this important step.  Try to plan meeting a friend for dinner after your trial so you can get her reaction.You should feel comfortable in your makeup but […]

  • allure

    The Spring Bride’s Guide to Lip Color

    [As posted on The Spring Bride’s Guide to Lip Color] Your spring wedding is finally here. You’ve painstakingly picked the perfect flowers, dresses, and accessories that coordinate with your fabulous spring color palette. But don’t forget the most important color of all: your lip color! The right bridal lip color should not only be seasonally appropriate, but […]

  • Engagement Photos

    I am a big fan of engagement photos and I often do the bride’s makeup for the shoot. Engagement photos are fantastic for many reasons. Helps you become more comfortable in front of the camera.  The more times you are photographed, the more at ease you will be.  The best photos are when people are […]

  • rain day

    Rainy Day Weddings

    I have witnessed over two hundred brides get ready on their wedding day
and one of the things that can break even the most stable bride, is
rain.  I am a makeup artist, but I also feel like a therapist/best
friend/wedding planner when I work with a bride on her wedding day.  I
love this part of my job […]

  • The Down Lo on Makeup Artists!

    Finding I am continually asked how to find a MUA when you don't live in a metropolitan area or are just not having any luck with referrals from websites.  I recommend the following: Contact wedding photographers, reception venues, or hair stylists for referrals. Go to a makeup counter and ask specifically for an artist that […]