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Photoshoot Makeup and Hair

Photoshoots used to be the domain of models and actors, but with the internet explosion, more and more people need (or want!) a beautiful professional photo. Whether you need a pro shot for your work or simply want to capture life’s milestones, you need to think like the pros and have your hair and makeup done professionally. No model or actor does their own hair and makeup because they are well aware that it takes effort to look like yourself in a photo. A seasoned makeup artist looks at your face with and sees how the camera will read it, not the mirror, trust them, the photographer does. Additionally, you can get multiple hair and makeup looks which means more options to choose from.

One of my favorite photogs, Monika Broz had a client who needed personal branding photos, so we worked with her to get a collection of photos that showed her unique personality. With NYC as our studio we did lipstick and hair changes on the street while strangers walked past or stopped to ask if she was famous. Katelyn may not be a celebrity but she was our muse for the day and we had a blast.

Photography: Monika Broz

Hair and Makeup: Laura Nadeau of Lo & Co Makeup

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